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A free converter of standard documents into PDF

Free Print to PDF is a free document converter that turns your standard documents of various formats into PDF. It boasts a simple interface, which is easy to grasp and use, allowing even not-so-tech-savvy people to use it without a hitch. This program is capable of converting multiple files quickly, too, which makes it fantastic for everyday use.

An easy assistant

Creating PDFs and turning your existing ones into printable forms is vital for anyone doing business online, as well as for many other uses. While doing so used to be frustrating and challenging in the past, nowadays, there are efficient and simple software solutions for it.

Today’s program is one of such solutions. It is straightforward to use, intuitive, and free, enabling anyone to enjoy its services. It also ensures the quality of your data during the process, allowing you to get top-notch files with ease.

The software packed into this free bundle enables anyone to get attractive documents with a professional layout and every other benefit of PDF. It simplifies the process for professional and personal use alike.

How Free Print to PDF works

Once you download the setup file for this program, click it, and a wizard will appear to guide you through the installation process.

This software features such ease of use that you will be entirely capable of operating it even without any prior experience. The process entails only two steps.

Once you open the program on your desktop, you select a file to upload into its directory. Then, pick the output destination, which could be your desktop or an external hard drive. After doing so, select the highly visible 'convert' option. A bar will show up at the bottom of the window, notifying you of the conversion progress.

This piece of software also enables you to choose to convert multiple files simultaneously. All you have to do is copy them and then paste them into the field for input files.

When it comes to the specifications of your output, you can change the presets to meet your needs or the specifications of your printer.

For example, if you're generating files for printing purposes, you can choose to create large, high-quality PDFs. On the other hand, if you're seeking to publish your documents online, you may go for a smaller format. There's also an option of embedding used fonts to preserve the design of the text during the conversion.

Speed and flexibility

The application is quite versatile if you're a Windows user, although there is no Free Print to PDF for Mac devices. When it comes to Free Print to PDF for Windows, it supports most of the versions of this OS. You can run it across systems from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Moreover, in terms of flexibility, it works with a wide range of document types, turning them into PDF and back into their original formats, or any other of your choice. Namely, it's compatible with Microsoft Word and WordPadNotePad, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. It will also work with web-views.

Bugs and alternatives

The chief negative side of this program is its simplicity. Although this makes it quite easy to use, it also limits you to a basic set of functionalities, not enough for those who need more from a program.

Moreover, the program may be slow if you're converting more substantial files. It could also fail to recognize some file formats.

If you're looking for alternatives, Windows 10 users may enjoy native functionality of the OS under the name of Microsoft Print to PDF. It's the most comfortable option for people not willing to install third-party applications.

If you have an older OS version, clawPDF is free and open-source, and it's able to run on Windows 7 to 10. It also enables you to create profiles for faster configuration.

Moreover, CutePDF Writer is similar to Free Print to PDF software in its simplicity and functionalities, although it requires you to download an extra postscript. Finally, PDF24 is another free, all-in-one bundle of tools for day-to-day PDF printing.

A handy tool

The Free Print to PDF application is an excellent program to have on your belt if you often work with virtual documents. While it doesn’t come with many extra features, it handles its primary task swiftly and efficiently, completely free of charge.

PDF Printer produces prints from an application having print option, after being initiated from the Print dialogue box.

This PDF print software helps users to print to PDF any document or (webpage) view, as desired. At the simple press of a button, the application sets off at a blazing speed to work like a printer and create PDF files out of any document/view that it receives orders for. The program arrives with a high compatibility factor and supports extensive Windows OS platform like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP. In other words, this amazing PDF printer ensures that you are allowed to write/create PDF documents/files from any of the abovementioned ‘Microsoft Windows’ platforms without any difficulty. And downloading the software is so easy – you just need to ‘Click’ to start the download. PDF printer can also turn images into PDFs within seconds.

With a super-intuitive interface, the software is amazingly easy to use. You just open the document that you intend to have in the portable document format. Click on ‘print to PDF’ in the print menu, and you get a PDF print of the same in virtually no time at all, thanks to the quick speed that this program is designed to work at. The program works to print a wide range of documents into PDF, namely Word, Excel, WordPad, PowerPoint, NotePad or simply any web-view or any printable file/document.

Those who want to print their Word/Microsoft/PowerPoint documents in PDF, or for that matter a webpage/website or an e-mail, this software is an amazing download. The PDF printer can be utilized for both commercial as well as personal use.


  • Easy to use
  • A lightweight tool
  • Opens multiple files at the same time
  • Flexible in converting and outputting files


  • Slow to convert large documents
  • May not recognize all file formats

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Free Print to PDF


Free Print to PDF 1.66 for PC

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